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Website and leaflet creation for the "Zolotoi Parus" company

Website and leaflet creation
for the "Zolotoi Parus" company

OOO "Zolotoy Parus" - production and trading company with 10 years history specializing on production, import and distribution of snacks for beer.

FireShot Capture 53 - zolotoiparusI оптовая продажа сушеной рыбы и сыров -


Create a website and a leaflet that would attract attention of visitors with bright catchy design and informative content.

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As the result was created a minimalistic website whose colors are combined with the decoration of packaging products. Visitors can see goods in a convenient directory on a separate page.

FireShot Capture 54 - каталог - http___zolotoiparus.ru_products.png

In order to the logo not to overload the website was drawn his miniature form.

Created flyer colorfully informed about company's products.



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