Logo, website and business cards creation for the group of legal companies "Plan B"

Logo design, website and business cards
development for the legal group Plan B

At the beginning of the project work customers showed a desire to create a name for their group of companies. The perfect and final option among other proposed was called "Plan-B". In this case it characterizes organization activities which is aimed at resolving any question of a legal nature and any problem even if at first it seems impossible to get out of the situation (bankruptcy, debt, etc). But you can always find another solution, your plan B which is applicable in various fields such as consulting, legal or accounting services.

FireShot Capture 4 - Plan B - юридические услуги - http___planb-legal.ru_.png

Development process:

The logo was developed on the basis of established names. Several options were proposed — minimalistic and memorable shapes are perfect for cards which also had to choose to customers.

In the concept of the site laid the rigor of the shape and informative content.


The home page lists benefits that motivate you to choose the group's Plan B services.

In addition on the main page you can leave application through which staff Plan B will contact you as soon as possible.



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