Website development for TD "Samara transformer plant"
Website development for TD "Samara transformer plant"

Website development
for "Samara transformer plant"

Plant offers a complete solution of standard and non-standard tasks in the field of energy.

FireShot Screen Capture #006 - 'Торговый дом Самарский трансформаторный завод I Торговый дом Самарский трансформаторный завод' - td-stz_ru.png


1. Creation of individual design
2. Development of the informative site (representative site)
3. Synchronization with a single database and directory management 1

Project implementation:

1. Creating a demo site for work on site, demonstration and testing site.
2. Сreation of three design options to choose.
3. Crossbrowser adaptive CSS-front - interface of the site.
4. Installation of content management system (CMS).
5. Create an online store on CMS Bitrix.
6. Сreation of additional modules for CMS Bitrix.
7. Functionality programming of the site.
8. Development and coordination of catalog discharge from 1C and further import into the database.


As the result was created a modern website with convenient interface and a structured directory with help of which visitors can easy find the required products.

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