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Website development for the charity Fund "Happy childhood"

Website development
for the charity Fund "Happy childhood"

Charity Fund "Happy Childhood" was created in 2013 and is a non-profit organization established by citizens on the basis of voluntary property contributions that do not have a membership. The purpose of the Foundation is the charitable activities in the public interest.



It was necessary to develop a design concept for the site due to visitors will be able to trust the Fund. Design and content have to create an overall picture which would confirm the high reputation of the Foundation and sincerity of its intentions.

Therefore the site content has to be filled in enough information but at the same time not Intrusive.


The new site has a visually pleasing modern design and informative content which reveals the main tasks of the Fund, its structure, program, etc.

News, reports, the page "Drawings of our children" inspire confidence in the Foundation activities and form its positive reputation.



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